Dr Ki Young Koo

Lecturer of Structural Dynamics

Email: k.y.koo@exeter.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 1392 725546


Dr Ki Young Koo is a lecturer in College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter, UK since Sep 2013. He completed his PhD degree of Civil & Environmental Engineering in KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology), South Korea, February 2008. During his PhD study entitled “Structural Health Monitoring Methods for Bridges Using Ambient Vibration and Impedance Measurements”, theoretical and experimental investigations on damage detection methods were carried out based on global vibration measurement as well as local wave measurements. After working as a post doctor researcher in Smart Infra-structure Technology Centre, KAIST, he worked in VES (Vibration Engineering Section), Dept of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK for three years from Aug 2008 on an EPSRC research project entitled "Novel Data Mining and Performance Diagnosis Systems for Structural Health Monitoring of Suspension Bridges". In the project, structural health monitoring systems for Tamar Bridge and Humber Bridge in the UK were upgraded and created from scratch respectively to provide a real-time capability for diagnosis of key aspects of structural performance. Afterwards, he had worked as an assistant professor in School of Construction Engineering, Kyoungil University, South Korea from Sep 2011 to Aug 2013.

Selected Publications

Ki-Young Koo, James Brownjohn, Richard Cole, and David List (2012) "Structural health monitoring of the Tamar Suspension Bridge", Journal of Structural Control and Health Monitoring, DOI: 10.1002/stc.1481

Elizabeth Cross, Ki-Young Koo, James Brownjohn and Keith Worden (2011) "Long-term monitoring and data analysis of the Tamar Bridge", Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, doi: 10.1016/j.ymssp.2012.08.026

Ki-Young Koo, Seunghoon Sung, Jongwoong Park and Hyungjo Jung (2010) “Damage Detection of Shear Buildings Using Deflections Obtained by Modal Flexibility”, Smart Materials and Structures, 19(11): 115026-115036. doi: 10.1088/0964-1726/19/11/115026 [2010-10-14/SCI/ISSN 0964-1726/IF=1.749]

Ki-Young Koo, Seung-Hee Park, Jong-Jae Lee, and Chung-Bang Yun (2008) “Automated Impedance-based Structural Health Monitoring Incorporating Effective Frequency Shift for Compensating Temperature Effects” Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 20(4): 367-377. doi: 10.1177/1045389X08088664 [2008-09-03/SCIE/ISSN 1045-389X/IF=1.293]

Ki-Young Koo, Jong-Jae Lee, Chung-Bang Yun, and Jung-Tae Kim (2008) “Damage Detection in Beam-like Structures Using Deflections Obtained by Modal Flexibility Matrices” Smart Structures and Systems, 4(5): 605-628. [2008-09-01/SCIE/ISSN 1738-1584/IF=1.137]


“Smart Eco-Bridges: WP-Bridge Condition Assessment”, Korea Research Foundation (KRF), Korea (June 2013 - May 2018, Value: £200k equivalent approx., Co-I)

“Development of Smart Wireless Sensor System for Structural Health Assessment of Suspension Bridges”, Korea Research Foundation (KRF), Korea (July 2009 - June 2010, Value: £15k equivalent approx., PI)


ECM2112 Professional Studies and Skills Development 2

ECM1108 Engineering Mechanics: Core Engineering 2