Julie Lewis-Thompson

Facility Manager, VSimulators

Originally a commercial lawyer by training, Julie graduated with distinction from the University of Exeter, having completed the One Planet MBA (2015-2016). With strong leadership and team management skills, combined with practical problem solving abilities, Julie has orientated her career towards complex project management. Since July 2016, she has worked for the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter, as a Project Manager for a multi-million pound research project, utilising scientific expertise from four major universities and two international corporate partners. Her focus is on facilitating collaborative team based research, encouraging an innovative mind-set to enhance commercial exploitation. Additionally, she supports the development of University spinout opportunities by supporting consideration for intellectual property, development of a brand image, marketing, governance and seeking funding sources.

Julie’s prior academic history includes a Legal Practice Course (College of Law, Guildford) and a Common Professional Examination (College of Law, York), having initially graduated in Business Studies, with European Law and Management. Highlights of her career history include working at UOP, an international refinery processes company, providing contractual support to all parties in building the world’s largest oil refinery; supporting the growth and flotation of a start-up innovative pharmaceutical company; and managing a team of 280 engineers in the EE 4G refresh programme for the UK mobile phone mast network. Julie has also set up and run several of her own SME businesses.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys hiking, photography, painting and horse riding. She has recently returned from a backpacking trip to Colombia where she climbed to the Lost City over four days and spent a week living alongside indigenous communities in the Amazon.