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Dr Emma Hudson

Research Fellow




Email: E.J.Hudson@exeter.ac.uk


Emma is a Research Fellow in the Vibration Engineering Section within the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

She graduated from Durham University in 2009 with an MEng in Civil Engineering, 1st class hons. Following from this she studied for a PhD under the supervision of Professor Paul Reynolds at the University of Sheffield. Her thesis, titled "Incorporating Active Control of Human-Induced Vibrations in Floors into Buildings", was funded by a CASE scholarship with EPSRC and WSP and was submitted in March 2013.

Her research interests include all advanced strategies for control of human-induced vibrations in civil structures, including active, passive and semi-active control.floors

Selected Publications

Hudson, E.J. & Reynolds, P., 2013. Implications of structural design on the effectiveness of AVC on floor structures. Structural Control & Health Monitoring. Early view available online.

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