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STORMLAMP – STructural behaviour Of Rock Mounted Lighthouses At the Mercy of imPulsive waves – is an EPSRC funded collaborative research project between the Universities of Plymouth, Exeter and University College London and a number of industry partners.  The project characterises wave loading and structural performance of rock lighthouses, using combined field measurements, laboratory studies … Continue reading Protecting our lighthouses for the safety of mariners – Stormlamp – full length film

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Plans for a major new centre for research and development in the vibration engineering sector are in the final stages of development at the Universities of Exeter and Bath. In Exeter, a new, purpose built facility featuring a state-of-the-art VSimulator will, for the first-time, link structural movement and environmental conditions, with human perception monitoring, psychology … Continue reading VSimulators – virtual reality facilities to support human factors research and innovation

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Participants from academia and industry from all over the UK attended a week long structural vibrations residential summer school run by the Vibration Engineering Section (VES) and partners from the University of Liverpool, at the University of Exeter. Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) BAYOMALAW grant the school attracted undergraduate and … Continue reading Students from all over the UK attend structural vibrations summer school run by VES

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