Honeywell QA700 and QA750 force balance accelerometers (24 units)
Formerly supplied by Sundstrand and Allie Signal, and (in different grades) used in applications such as missile guidance, directional drilling and monitoring of the International Space Station (ISS),  these sensors have a range of +/-30g and can resolve accelerations as low as 1 micro-g across a bandwidth from DC (0Hz) to 300Hz. VES deploy these as uniaxial sensors on lightweight mountings and connected to simple power supply units via fool-proof and rugged connectors and colour-coded cables. The QAs develop current proportional to acceleration result in no EMI problems and the ability to change sensitivity simply by switching load resistor in the power supply. WE have measured noise floor and found it to be in the range 0.1mg/ÖHz.

Kistler 8133A uniaxial accelerometers (16 units)
A relatively low-cost single axis capacitive accelerometer for measuring static acceleration or low-level, low-frequency vibration. Featuring 1.3μg @ <10 Hz resolution (slightly inferior to the QA performance), excellent frequency response and insensitivity to thermal transients and transverse acceleration. We have found their noise floor to be about 0.5 mg/ÖHz.

Kinemetrics Episensor Model FBA ES-T triaxial and FBA-11 uniaxial force balance accelerometers
Model FBA ES-T (black unit on the right) is a triaxial surface package useful for many types of low frequency vibration applications, and comprises three EpiSensor force balance accelerometer modules mounted orthogonally in a package. Episensor has full-scale recording ranges of ± 0.25 to ± 4g (user selectable), and a maximum resolution of 10V/g. The FBA-11 (black unit in the middle) is housed in a watertight cast aluminium case, and is suitable for a variety of seismic, structural and commercial applications. The maximum sensitivity of this accelerometer is 5V/g.

Endevco Model 7754-1000 piezoelectric accelerometers (22 units)
IEPE accelerometers for vibration and seismic measurements of full-scale Civil Engineering structures; robust and highly sensitive (approx. 1000mV/g) providing results with micro-g resolution (We have measured noise floor at about 0.5mg/ÖHz and excellent characteristics in low-frequency range (near-DC frequency response) as required for Civil Engineering field dynamic testing applications; with mains-powered signal conditioners. This accelerometer does not measure to DC (there is low frequency drift), and we use with good quality cables with XLR connectors instead of BNC/microdot combinations for best results. For field testing we use these sensors to measure shaker force via armature acceleration.

GURALP CMG-3ESP seismomter
A three component seismometer with exceptional performance for resolving extremely low vibrations at least an order of magnitude weaker than those measured by QA700/75. We have measured the noise floor to be below 0.01mg/ÖHz. Requires delicate handling and levelling, incorporates a 24-bit digitiser.

GURALP CMG-5TD accelerometer (2 units)
A three component accelerometer with performance similar to the QA700/750. It incorporates a 24-bit digitiser and is designed to transmit data over internet connection, with protocols for synchronisation that include use of GPS. We have used this for measuring vibrations of the Humber Bridge, and for continuous monitoring of the University of Sheffield Arts Tower.