We have an extensive library of commercial and bespoke software for data collection and analysis.

ANSYS finite element code
A general purpose finite element code with powerful and well-developed structural dynamic analysis facilities. Analysis results may be exported for correlation with experimental modal analysis results.



ARTeMIS output-only modal parameter estimate software
Software for carrying out modal parameter estimation of structures where only response data are measured. Typically used for ambient testing of large structures where artificial excitation is inconvenient or impossible.

FE-Map structural pre and post processor by Majenta
A windows based pre- and post-processor for engineering finite element analysis. Analysis may be performed using ANSYS or the FEMAP internal solver.

FE-Model updating sodftware
Software used to automatically update finite element models of structures using experimental data. Compatible with a range of experimental modal analysis and finite element analysis software.


Experimental modal analysis software for extracting structural dynamic parameters from raw modal test data and finite element model correlation.

LUSAS finite element code
A general purpose finite element code with particular strengths in the analysis of Civil Engineering structures.

Programming language for technical computing. Used primarily for development of signal processing and modal parameter estimation routines, also used for interfacing with ANSYS and for model updating.

Mathematical software for technical computing.

ME'Scope MATLAB Modal paramenter estimation software
Used extensively for analysis of field test data acquired by forced vibration testing. It caters for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) analysis of frequency domain experimental data, in the form of frequency response functions (FRFs). Recovers both mode shapes and operating deflection shapes. Has time domain analysis capabilities.

A finite element program for geotechnical applications in which soil models are used to simulate the soil behaviour. It includes a variety of soil constitutive models and has recently introduced a new dynamics module.

Graphical user interface (GUI) developed in-house using MATLAB. Modal analysis software with capabilities for time and frequency domain signal analysis, modal parameter estimation and viewing and comparison of modal analyses.

Graphical user interface (GUI) developed in-house using MATLAB. Simulation software primarily for teaching structural dynamics, but with capabilities for vibration serviceability assessment and virtual modal testing.

Graphical user interface (GUI) developed in-house using MATLAB. Used for a range of vibration serviceability simulations using modal solutions imported from analytical and experimental modal analysis. Incorporates all relevant design guidance on vibration serviceability of floors, footbridges and grandstand tiers.