Full Scale Dynamics is a high-tech University spin-off company specialising in vibration serviceability, dynamic analysis, testing and monitoring of large civil engineering structures such as bridges, footbridges, ground and suspended floors, grandstands, staircases, dams, and tall and long structures.

Vibration serviceability assessment

  • state-of-the-art analytical / numerical modelling based on design specification
  • dynamic testing of as-built structures
  • management of the whole design process when vibration serviceability has been identified as a potential problem
  • design checking and supervision of design teams
  • negotiatiation of specifications for vibration serviceability performance of the structure.

Long term monitoring of structural performance

of high rise buildings, chimneys, ultra-long span bridges, footbridges, grandstands, floors.

Operator-free data maining with vibration parameter estimation

  • and intelligent data processing that can be automatically merged and correlated with other data, such as wind speed and direction from a nearby weather station.
  • Hourly reporting via any electronic communication system such as e-mail or sms for quick decision making.
  • Monitoring of long-term trends in the dynamic properties of structures.

Vibration control

  • development of remedial measures during design
  • troubleshooting after construction
  • developing solutions to control and reduce excessive vibration
  • passive vibration control strategies based on adjustment of stiffness, mass and damping in the structure
  • state-of-the-art active control using arrays of electrodynamic shakers.