The Functional Materials Group has a wide range of state-of-the-art fabrication, characterisation and testing equipment at its disposal, housed in specialist clean-rooms, laser and materials laboratories.

Group facilities include:

  • Class 10,000 clean rooms
  • Special purpose laser laboratories
  • Nanomaterials laboratories
  • Nordiko (6") multi-target RF/DC sputter system
  • Purpose-built (2") multi-target sputtering system
  • 6xCVD tube furnaces (from 1000-18000C)
  • Bruker Advance X-ray diffractometer and reflectometer
  • Bruker Veeco Innova SPM with CAFM, MFM, EFM and STM modes
  • Thermomicroscope SPM with SThM, STM, EFM, MFM modes and liquid cell
  • Bruker Veeco Innova AFM
  • MDC cryogenic probe test-station
  • Janis CTI-22 closed-circuit He optical cryostat
  • Purpose-built vibrating sample magnetometer
  • Purpose-built magneto-optic magnetometer
  • Precision magnetic hard disk (HDD) tester
  • Precision X-Y contact magnetic bit writer
  • TA Instruments Ltd Q600 TGA
  • Quantachrome Gas Sorption Analyser (BET)
  • Fisher Scientific Vis/UV spectrometer
  • FCT (German) Hot-press (25 tonne, 22000C)
  • High-temperature furnace (12000C)
  • Carbolite Muffle furnace
  • Solar cell testing workstation
  • Electrochemistry (electroplating) work-station

There is a wide range of other specialist equipment in the College that is also used by members of the Functional Materials Group - particularly SEM and TEM facilities, FIB and e-beam lithography, optical lithography, plasma etching, Silicon Graphics Zen supercomputing etc (for further information see the Centre for Graphene Science, Electromagnetic Materials and Quantum Systems and Nanomaterials group pages.)