Multi-functional materials

Led by Professor Chris Smith, Professor Ken Evans and Dr Arnaud Marmier

The Multi-functional materials group focuses on adding functionality into light weight materials such as honeycombs, truss cores and foams. Such materials offer low density with high stiffness and strength and so are used extensively in transport roles such as aerospace, marine, locomotive, automotive etc, especially where high performance or excellent fuel efficiency are primary. We seek to add in extra functionality such as:

Research involves a mixture of theoretical and experimental approaches, notably finite element analysis, and is funded from a mixture of sources including governmental (EPSRC, TSB, EU, GWR), industrial (Rolls-Royce, ICI, EADS) and charitable (Leverhulme, Royal Society). Funding since 2000 exceeds £1.5M for this group strictly, and over £5M including other related groups.

We collaborate widely in the UK and internationally, and currently are running projects in partnership with Professor Ken Evans, Dr Fabrizio Scarpa (Bristol), Dr Khurram Wadee (Exeter), Professor Fabrice Pierron (ENSAM), Dr Ian Bond (Bristol), Dr Ramesh Rajasekeran (Rolls-Royce) and Mr Jonathan Meyer (EADS), Dr Chris Bowen and Dr Andrew Dent (Bath), Professor Andrew Plummer (Bath), Dr Neil Gaspar (AWE).