Dr Ole Mark

E-mail: Ole.Mark@dhigroup.com

Website: www.dhigroup.com

Dr. Ole Mark is a specialist in urban water systems, in particular sewerage, drainage and surface water in cities. His work is highly focused on research and practical problem solving within the hydrological cycle in cities, including urban flooding and urban water impacts on receiving waters.

Ole Mark has worked on research projects throughout his career. He has written 95+ publications for scientific journals and conferences – reporting and disseminating the findings of his research activities. His research projects have always aimed at providing better insight and understanding of processes in the urban water cycle. The research results have later, to the greatest possible extent, been transferred into methods applicable for practical problem solving.

Today Ole is Head of Research and Development at DHI and e.g. responsible for DHI’s research strategy and proposals within urban water. Ole spent three years as Associate Professor and Programme Coordinator at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. During his career he has been the main advisor for 25+ master’s students and two PhD students and he has been co-advisor for many more students.

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