Pump Scheduling Tool (PST)

PST is a model-driven decision-support system tool for pump operation scheduling in water systems. The PST is a dynamic tool which has been developed as an Excel-add-in. It can handle four different kinds of schedule representation including On and Off, Time control, Time-length control and Tank water level control. The PST has the ability to integrate a multi-objective (MO) evolutionary optimization package with an external hydraulic (e.g. EPAENT) to obtain an optimum schedule. The tool has a user-friendly interface which allows simulation based on three pump operation settings: 1) hydraulic model’s input file, 2) interactive interface which can be modified by the user, and 3) generated by the optimization algorithm. It also has an intuitive interactive results interface to present and visualize the produced solutions. The user defined options allow the user to solve a problem either as two objectives optimization or as a single objective optimization.


A step-by-step tutorial as well as PST for both 32-bit and 64-bit operation systems can be downloaded here: Pump Scheduling Tool.

Users who may encounter problems whilst working with PST can report any problems to Karwan Muhammed.