GANetXL - Optimisation addin for microsoft excel

GANetXL is an optimisation add-in for Microsoft Excel®. GANetXL uses genetic algorithms to solve complex optimisation and search problems. The application offers a user friendly interface to set up the optimisation problem and configure the algorithm. Unlike many other commercial products GANetXL allows solving single and multiple-objective optimisation problems. The software is provided FREE of charge for academic non-commercial research and has been used by a number of users worldwide. You can watch following brief tutorial to see how easy it is to use GANetXL.

To obtain a copy of GANetXL please follow the installation instructions first and then proceed with the registration to obtain your personal licence.

How to cite GANetXL work

If you are using GANetXL and writing a conference/journal paper or report, please use the following citation to refer to the paper describing the software:


To obtain a trial serial number for GANetXL valid for 3 months please complete the following registration form. Current users who wish to renew their licence to obtain a free 1 year academic licence that can be renewed annually or require different licence parameters need to contact Dr. Mark Morley ( since the registration form cannot handle such requests at the moment.

A special version of GANetXL that can be installed on any computer witout the need to obtain a HW identifier can be provided for teaching purposes. Please contact Dr. Mark Morley ( with further details in order to get the copy.


  • Single and multiple-objective optimisation techniques
  • Support for integration with simulation packages
  • Suspend, resume and browse optimisation interactively
  • Multiple-objective results browser
  • Batch runs
  • User defined constraints & penalty multipliers
  • Automatic saving of population
  • Backups of intermediate population
  • Graphical UI
  • Visualisation of results and progress


The latest version of GANetXL including user manual  and a Powerpoint presentation can be downloaded from our downloads section.

Commercial Application

GANetXL is strictly provided for FREE only for non-commercial academic research. Commercial users are however welcome to try SolveXL, which apart from offering the same functionality like GANetXL, provides several additional features and can be licensed for commercial use.