Data Files

In this section the following data files are available:

  1. True and best known Pareto Front data files;
  2. True and best known Pareto Front figures;
  3. EPANET input files;
  4. Source code required to run and evaluate objective functions.

True and Best Known Pareto Front Data Files

The pareto front files are available as text files where the first column represents the values of the resilience objective and the second column represents the values of the cost objective. The figures are available in Windows metafile (EMF) format.

TypeProblem PFFigures EPANET Input Files
SP Two-reservoir Network  TRN TRN
Two-loop Network  TLN TLN
BakRyan Network  BAK BAK
MP New York Tunnel Network  NYT NYT
Blacksburg Network  BLA BLA
Hanoi Network  HAN HAN
GoYang Network  GOY GOY 
IP Fossolo Network  FOS FOS
Pescara Network  PES PES
LP Modena Network  MOD MOD 
Balerma Irrigation Network  BIN BIN
Exeter Network  EXN EXN

Source code

The source files are available as a single ZIP archive. This archive also contains the code and instructions on how to run the test cases using MATLAB.