Project Partners at the meeting Barcelona.

CWS Academics attend RESSCUE Project Kick-Off meeting

More than 60 attendants from seven different countries representing 18 partners, Project Advisory Board (PAB) and EASME- European Commission (EC) members and institutional representatives came together for the first time to define a shared vision for the project, as well as discussing planned activities and first steps. Along with Prof Djordjevic and Dr Chen, the CWS Research team  includes Prof David Butler, Prof Dragan Savic and Dr Barry Evans.


In addition to partner presentations and technical descriptions of work packages, the two-day meeting programme included speeches from Barcelona, Lisbon and Bristol City Councils' representatives, PAB, EASME-EC and UN Habitat members as well as an interactive outdoor team building activity that encouraged the participants to collaborate and resolve challenging situations creatively. An institutional dinner took place at Barcelona City Council Headquaters, located in the heart of the Catalan capital.

The recently launched RESCCUE project (“Resilience to cope with Climate Change in Urban Areas – a multisectorial approach focusing on water”) aims to provide practical and innovative models and tools to end-users facing climate change challenges to build more resilient cities. The project will provide tools to assess urban resilience from a multisectorial approach, for current and future climate scenarios and including multiple hazards. This holistic approach to urban resilience will enable city managers and urban systems operators to decide the optimal investments to cope with future situations. CWS is leading the research activities on Work Package 3 Vulnerability & Risk Assessment for Urban Services Operation.

RESCCUE is a 48-month duration project built around three research sites (Barcelona, Lisbon and Bristol) coordinated by Aquatec and co-funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no.700174.

Date: 30 June 2016

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