Steering Group members in Coventry

Industry experts attend Safe&SuRe Steering Group Meeting

Led by Professor David Butler, this five year EPSRC Fellowship aims to develop a new paradim for 'Safe&SuRe' urban water managem‌ent in the UK in response to emerging challenges and global uncertainties.

Those participating in the Steering meeting included representatives of Northumbrian Water, Arup, the Consumer Council for Water, Water Policy International, the Water Industry Forum and ARCARDIS. The meeting was chaired by Professor Gustaf Olsson of Lund University, Sweden.

There were discussions on risk and resilience,the development of a resilience evaluator, the application of Safe&SuRe thinking to a case study city and whether academic thinking and rigour translate into water sector policy and practice.

Further information on the Fellowship can be found on the Safe&SuRe website 

Date: 23 March 2016

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