Centre for Water Systems academics meet with project partners in Exeter

Flood impact assessment in mega cities under urban sprawl and climate change

In July 2015 multinational researchers met together at ‪CWS‬ to discuss about the research methodology and the work plan of the project "Flood impact assessment in mega cities under urban sprawl and climate change", funded by British Council Global Innovation Initiative and led by University of Exeter. The project partners include University of Central Florida, US and Tsinghua University, China

Steering committee members from Greater London Authority and University College London gave valuable suggestions for our research agenda. CWS partners from University of Belgrade, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute, and Indian Institute of Science also contributed to the workshop. The opportunities for further collaborations with our partners were also discussed on the workshop. More photos about the workshop can be found at Goolge+ or Facebook

The attendees included

Prof Dragan Savic, Prof David Butler, Prof Slobodan Djordjevic, Prof Akbar Javadi, Dr Guangtao Fu, and Dr Albert Chen from CWS,
Prof Ni-Bin Chang from University of Central Florida, US
Prof Binliang Lin, Dr Jian Sun, and Dr Di Zhang from Tsinghua University, China
Mr Alex Nickson from Greater London Authority
Dr Vassilis Zachariadis from University College London
Prof Dusan Padonovic1 from University of Belgrade, Serbia
Dr Tsung-Yi Pan, Dr Kai-Yuan Ke, and Dr Chia-Ho Wang from National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Dr Tsun-Hua Yang and Dr Lei Feng from Typhoon Flood Research Institute, Taiwan
Mr Milian Sharma from Indian Institute of Science, India

Date: 6 July 2015

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