A team featuring a flood expert from the University of Exeter’s Centre for Water Systems (CWS)  has claimed first prize for the creation of an app that will aid global flood management and help save lives

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International Collaboration for CWS Researchers in Taiwan

James Webber, Miriam Garcia and Dr Andrew Duncan from the Centre for Water Systems have just returned from a three week placement to National Taiwan University and the Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute. This fantastic opportunity was arranged through Professor Slobodan Djordevic, Prof David Butler and Dr Albert Chen’s joint led exchange projects, with funding from the Royal Society, UK, and Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan.


University of Exeter researcher wins prestigious UK award

A University of Exeter engineering expert has been awarded a prestigious national award for his research into how we can sustainably and reliably address the emerging challenges around water supplies.

Centre academics at ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform conference, Lisbon

European projects showcased at ICT 2015 Innovation, Conect, Transform conference, Lisbon.