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Creative innovation, manufacturing and business

Free workshop - Friday 13 July 2012 at the University of Exeter

Introduction from Dr Liang Hao

People and entrepreneurs are embracing digitised innovation, manufacturing and business in a collaborative and connected world.

Our desire is to make a significant step towards collective creativity in physical products, concurrently generating added value and superior user experience.

We are inspired in a creative way to make more with less – embedding material-less value attributes in products, technologies and businesses to serve more value-added consumption experiences and sustainable lifestyles.

This workshop bought together creative minds to exchange and debate pioneering research and practices which attempt to bridge digital and physical innovation towards scalable and sustainable value co-creation. The work includes four major sections:

Creative research and innovation

Inspired research and initiatives focusing on co-production of physical products and value co-creation through a case study on chocolate printing, co-design and social experience.

Creative economy and manufacturing

Economic and social drivers of the emerging creative and digital economies and research studies on manufacturing and business innovation.

Creative business and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial business exploitation involving students, individuals, academics and people in the crowd to implement new technologies and pursue creative businesses;

Case demonstration and networking

This section will offer participants the opportunity to experience new technology platforms including co-design, chocolate printing, desktop manufacturing. We will also showcase the potential of creative innovation, manufacturing and business.

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