We provide consultancy on a wide range of issues surrounding sustainable transport

Sustainable Transport Assessments

Transport accounts for around a third of UK carbon dioxide emissions and strategies to combat poor air quality locally can be detrimental to carbon emission reduction.  We are experienced in working with both local authorities and businesses to assess emissions from fleets, operations or geographical areas.  Our range of services include:

  • Interpretation of monitored levels of local air quality pollutants
  • Dispersion modelling of pollutants
  • Source apportionment based on vehicle flow data
  • Creation of emissions inventories (carbon and air quality pollutants) at a local or regional scale
  • Evaluating the effect of fleet upgrades, operational parameters and new technologies
  • Evaluating the impact of alternative vehicle fuels
  • Evaluating the effect of road schemes on emissions and resident health
  • Sustainable transport policy formulation
  • Quantification of the effect of local and national policy measures
  • Advice on fleet management strategies

Case Study - Crediton Link Road

Case Study - BAA Fleet Analysis

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