Current Clamps at the Civic Centre

Temporary monitoring, such as these current clamps on the data centre electricity supply, provided an evidence base for energy usage within the building

Exeter Civic Centre Heating Options

The oil-fired boilers at Exeter City Council's civic centre date from 1969 and are due for replacement.  We undertook an options analysis considering new gas boilers, biomass boilers, combined heat and power, and connection to a new district heating network serving several development sites in the area.

The heat load was suspected to have changed significantly over the building's 45 year life, due to the proliferation of IT equipment. Monitoring of the existing boilers, room temperatures and electrical circuits provided evidence that there was significant scope to reduce the capacity of the heating plant.  Consideration was also given to the data centre, which is to be expanded and relocated and potentially offers a source of heat that could be beneficially used within the building.

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