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We provide feasibility studies for renewable energy systems

Renewable Energy Systems Advice

Renewable energy systems are fast becoming an integral part of new developments and are key in developing achieving a sustainable solution at an individual site, local, regional or national level.   However, with so many competing technologies available properly informed design decisions are vital. We provide the following services:

  • Regional and local renewable energy feasibility pre-assessments
  • Evaluation of uptake of renewable energy technologies
  • Evaluations of district heating viability
  • Advice on biomass boiler feasibility and biomass fuel supply chains
  • Integrated design advice considering renewable technologies alongside monitored or predicted energy loads and energy efficiency measures
  • Economic cost-benefit analysis
  • Monitoring of renewable energy installations

Every building and development is unique and will require individual an individual solution. Whether the project is a new or existing building, we can advise on suitable renewable energy strategies.

Download a leaflet outlining our renewable energy services (216 kB)

Case Study - Exeter Civic Centre

Case Study - Cranbrook District Heating

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