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We monitor new and existing buildings to diagnose performance issues

Evaluation of Building Performance

We have been monitoring the performance of buildings since the Centre's inception in 1977.  During this time we have developed a detailed insight of how buildings actually function, the challenges of obtaining reliable performance data and strategies to overcome these challenges.  This expertise can help diagnose a variety of problems related to energy use, ventilation, thermal comfort and acoustics. Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Quantifying acoustic performance (room acoustics, sound insulation, noise control)
  • Assessing in-use energy performance from installed and temporary metering
  • Assessing in-use water performance
  • Monitoring of building services performance
  • Monitoring of occupant comfort (temperature, humidity)
  • Monitoring of indoor air quality

We are particularly experienced in providing remedial advice for existing buildings and monitoring studies that are tailored to the intricacies of the building under evaluation.

Download a leaflet outlining our sustainable building services (772 kB)

Download a leaflet outlining our acoustic services (787 kB)

Case Study - Tor Bridge Partnership Campus

Case Study - Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

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