The Centre can assist in adapting buildings to future climate change

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Drawing on the successes of the PROMETHEUS research project, we are actively involved in assessing the impacts of climate change on buildings. Much of our work in this area supports local authorities and businesses as they adapt their existing buildings to cope with climate change, and to inform the design process for new buildings. Our work in this area includes:

  • Creating future weather files using the latest projections
  • Evaluating the impact of climate change on buildings and occupants
  • Design stage advice on adaptation options for buildings
  • Retrofit building adaptation strategies

As a member of the Adaptation & Resilience in a Changing Climate co-ordinated research network, we are experienced in using the latest probabilistic climate change projections, in assessing the impacts of climate change and developing appropriate mitigation measures.

Case Study - Military Storage Building

Case Study - PROMETHEUS Research Project

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