Project details

The CareRAMM project is arranged into five workpackages in total, one for manangement (WP5), one for dissemination and exploitation (WP4) and three main technical workpackages comprising:

  • WP1 Carbon materials for next-generation data storage: Here we will fabricate a-C films and GO films and characterise their structural, compositional, electrical and thermal properties.
  • WP2 Advanced non-volatile memory performance assessment: Here the focus will be on establishing a detailed understanding of the resistive switching mechanisms for the materials prepared in WP1, as well as obtaining a quantitative evaluation of critical non-volatile memory performance parameters (e.g. scalability, switching speed, switching power and voltage, cyclability and lifetime (stability), operating temperature range, multi-level storage capability and memristor-like properties)
  • WP3 Multi-scale materials modelling and write/read simulations: Here we will combine atomistic first principles type modelling of material and switching mechanisms with 'device-scale' electrical and thermal models of the write/erase (set/reset) and read processes to both aid understanding of switching mechanisms and to design materials and material structures with enhanced performance.

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