Working with businesses

At CALMARE, we work across a number of industries, and can collaborate with companies involved in plastics and composites, from materials processing to product development and manufacturing. We work on projects of all sizes from short term consulting projects carrying out short reviews, or material testing, to long term collaborative projects, which include grant funded projects, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), PhD programmes and contract research. 

Contact us to discuss your project and how you would like to work with us. Examples of research areas include:

Materials research and testing

CALMARE can support product development by researching and advising on material options, revealing material characteristics, performing physical testing, or providing information on manufacturing process and improvements.

Recycling, reprocessing and remanufacture

Our specialists can research options available to companies on how best to minimise, remanufacture or recycle their in-house waste, look at developing new processes or formulations using recyclate, or support wider projects focussed on remanufacture. 

Bio-derived materials

We can promote more sustainable use of materials, through the utilisation of bio-derived and natural  products and the development of new products and manufacturing processes.

Circular Economy

As co-founders of the Circular Economy Business Forum, CALMARE engages in a variety of activities to promote circular economy business models through teaching, workshops and research programmes. 

Collaborative projects

CALMARE is focussed on bringing businesses together in order to deliver solutions which need the scaling capabilities available when a number of businesses work towards the same goal. The team at CALMARE and the other centres within the group have a good track record of writing successful funded research proposals (eg. EU, Innovate UK) and implementint them. The team is happy to lead on the development of these projects taking on the writing of the proposals and much of the administration requirements, to ensure both proposals and projects and delivered effectively. 

Please contact us to see how we could work with you. Click on our services to see examples of how we can help. We can also assist with materials testing or development work. View our equipment facilities and technology to find out more.