Circular Economy Business Forum

Our current, wasteful linear economic system of production and consumption is not only bad for the planet; it is also bad for business, with the increasing depletion of resources driving up the price of commodities. So, the move towards a more regenerative, circular economy – where materials and energy from products are recovered and put back into the system could generate noticeable savings for businesses.

 Circular Business Advantage launchCircular Economy Business Forum Recognising that developing a more circular economy in the South West would provide new possibilities for creating employment, and improving quality of life, alongside the necessary environmental gains, a Circular Economy Business Team has been formed to plan how the University can work with businesses and help make the dream become a reality.

The team comprises staff from the University’s Business School and CALMARE, as well as external consultants and local businesses, and future plans include workshops and events, ongoing innovation clubs and individual feasibility studies.

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