As a Centre, a large part of our focus is supporting companies with sustainability initiatives. This can include advising on waste management and reduction, assisting businesses with reusing, recycling or remanufacturing their waste, or sugPlasticsgesting alternative, m‌ore sustainable materials for their products. ‌

Plastics may be seen as easy to recycle, but this is not always the case. For instance, when it comes to thermosetting polymers, the chemical bonds between the layers in the material make recycling difficult. That is one of the key issues currently facing the plastics industry, and one that CALMARE was set up to help resolve.

As a Centre that supports companies with sustainability initiatives from waste management to using more sustainable materials for their products, we aim to lead by example and all team members are encouraged to consider the environmental impact of all activities they partake in. As such, we have been involved in a number of environmental initiatives, including Green Impact, the Circular Economy Business Forum and From Trash to Treasure, and we are striving to be more sustainable in the following areas:

  • Travel
  • Energy Usage
  • Printing / Office Waste
  • Procurement
  • Material testing waste