Mary Hinton from the CALMARE team using an injection moulding machine

An injection moulding machine, one of a range of specialist equipment used in product testing and research

Plastic bottles for recycling

The centre is particularly focused on the recycling and remanufacturing of waste materials

CALMARE can offer advice to businesses to help them improve their processes.

CALMARE can offer advice to businesses to help them improve their processes.

The Centre for Alternative Materials and Remanufacturing works with companies across a range of areas including materials analysis and product development support but its main areas of research are focussed on sustainable manufacture and recycling. It’s core research arms are shown below. However it works closely with the other Centres in the Group to apply the techniques and knowledge known. For instance the processing knowledge gained through X-AT, including the use of in-line quality control techniques such as spectroscopy are important aspects of many recycling and reprocessing projects.  

The Centre supports industry with a wide range or projects to help the transfer of knowledge from these research areas into industry. These services include:

Material Development

  • Testing and analysis – material and product composition / physical and chemical characteristics
  • Composite research – Material selection and process optimisation
  • Process optimisation – injection moulding, compression moulding, compounding etc

Recycling, Reprocessing and Remanufacturing

The Centre has worked with a range of companies to help assess options and opportunities available for improved reprocessing, or recycling options as well as the implementation of remanufacturing techniques within new Circular Economy business models. Examples of projects include:

Bioderived and Sustainable Materials

CALMARE has continued to work with companies using bioderived and natural materials, following on from previous research by the X-AT centre, with examples including:

  • EPSRC - TARF-LCV - Towards affordable, closed-loop recyclable future low carbon vehicle structures (using natural fibres) - X-AT project
  • Twool Case Study - Short business assist - assessing performance of Twool's sheep's wool product against other material options
  • Solid Wool Case Study - Short business assist - process optimisation of composite production using natural fibres

Circular Economy

As joint founders of the Circular Economy Business Forum (CEBF), CALMARE is involved in initiatives to promote new circular business models for companies and has held a variety of workshops for businesses, and works with collaborative partners to investigate oppotunities in more detail, focussing on the technical challenges of designing for remanufacture, material tracking and traceability and recycling. 


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