The CALMARE team has access to a range of equipment within the College's labs

CALMARE facilities

Equipment, facilities and technology

The University of Exeter and Advanced Engineering Technology Team are experts in working with composites, thermoplastics and thermosets and, through this, have built up a range of equipment and technology. The CALMARE team builds on this knowledge and has access to the full range of equipment. The equipment available with CALMARE and X-AT are listed below. 

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Model   & Specification


Material processing



Injection moulding machine - thermoplastic

Battenfeld HM40/130

Thermoplastic injection processing

Injection moulding machine - thermoset

Battenfeld HM45/130

Thermoset injection processing

Hot press

Scientific laboratory hydraulic presses

Composite processing


Chareon -  twin screw extruder
Rondol single screw extruders

Polymer blending and formulation development

Thermal analysis



Differential scanning   calorimetry (DSC)

Mettler Toledo - DSC1
Temperature range: -190oC - 700oC

Measuring glass transition, melting temperature

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)

Mettler Toledo - TGA/DSC1
Temperature range: RT - 1100oC

Measuring weight changes with increasing temperature

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)

Mettler Toledo - DMA 1
  Temperature range: -190oC to 600oC

Measuring viscoelastic behavior of polymers

Mechanical testing



Universal Materials Testing

Lloyd LR300k - 300kN   (max load)
Lloyd EZ20 - 20KN (max load) Lloyd EX 800 extension meter
Lloyd Laserscan 200 extensometer
Thermal Chamber (-70oC-300oC)

Measuring mechanical properties of plastics, rubber and metals

Impact testing

INSTRON CEAST   9350  Drop weight impactor
CEAST Resil pendulum   impactor

Measuring fracture toughness




Bruker equipment

Alpha FTIR system with Platinum ATR setup
Vector 22 MIR
Matrix NIR
Sentinel Raman

infrared spectrum of a solid, liquid or gas

Perkin Elmer equipment

Perkin Elmer - UV (Ultraviolet-visible) Lambda B1010

Spectroscopy in the ultraviolet-visible spectral region.




Capillary rheometer

Rosand: Precision   advanced Extrusion Rheometer

Measuring viscosity, flow in response to applied forces

Rotational rheometer

TA Instruments -   HR-1 and AR2000

Measuring viscosity, flow in response to applied forces

Miscellaneous equipment

Oxygen index Fire Testing   Technology Measuring flame retardancy
Microscopy Zeiss - Axioplan2 Optical Microscope
Standard stereo microscope (60x) with external fibre optic light source
Digital camera imagery system with application software
Surface analysis Taylor Hobson -   Talyscan 150 Measuring surface roughness
Particle Analysis Powder Rheometer: Freeman Technology FT4  
Ovens / Furnaces Vacuum Oven (Binder - room temperature to 250C)
High temperature oven with purge/protective gas (Carbolite, room temperature to 450C)
Box furnace (Carbolite up to 1100C)