Working with businesses

Joint collaborations available.

Contact us to find out more.


News and events

CALMARE and other industry events provide valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities.


ERDF Funding

Funding was awarded by the ERDF to help support and develop the industry within the South West.


Recycling, reprocessing and remanufacturing

With a history of successful recycling projects, combined with a wealth of processing  knowledge gained through X-AT, CALMARE offers leading research expertise in this area.


Bioderived and sustainable materials

From natural fibres and bio-derived resins in brake pads to lightweight automotive panels, Exeter Technologies Group is pushing the boundaries of bio-derived materials and finding new and innovative applications.


Circular Economy

CALMARE is working with the Business School and other partners to support companies looking to implement Circular Economy initiatives such as the Circular Business Advantage – see for more info