FDM project

PEEK plus 5 % CNT


CALM is a centre of expertise in Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM and the only centre in the world offering independent research into high temperature polymers (using the commercial high laser sintering platform – EOSINT P800). Internationally renowned for high quality research into high temperature polymeric laser sintering, the Centre has vast experience in ALM materials research and development. Established in 2010, following significant investment from the EU, the University of Exeter and Airbus Group Innovations, CALM has supported hundreds of businesses in their quest to investigate and use ALM.

Current Projects include:

High temperature affordable polymer composites for Aerospace applications

Novel high performance polymeric composite materials for additive manufacturing of multifunctional components - Tungsten disulfide

High temperature additive manufacturing with embedded fibre optic sensors

Re-distributed Manufacturing

Previous Projects include:

High Temperature Additive manufacturing for rapid manufacture and adaptation of bespoke military equipment

Development of CNT/PEEK structures using the additive manufacture for lightweight, high performance and multifunctional applications


PASF - Particle Shape and Flow Behaviour

UTOPIUM - Ultimate toughness and other properties - CNTs

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Additive Manufacturing

Details of earlier projects are including on the Past Projects section of the X-AT website.