The first UK based high temperature polymer additive manufacturing machine (EOS P800) at the University of Exeter.

Equipment, facilities, and capabilities

The Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing has already established an impressive array of leading-edge machinery including 3D printing, Laser Sintering, Laser Melting, and deposition/extrusion processes.

Of particular interest is CALM’s acquisition of a high temperature additive manufacturing system from EOS (EOSINT P800) – the only system in the UK capable of additive manufacturing with high temperature plastics. Please contact CALM to discuss opportunities to see this machine operating and talk with our experts about potential new areas of research and product development.

X-AT facilities

Working closely with X-AT at the University of Exeter, CALM has access to a wide range of research grade analytical equipment including mechanical testing, microscopy, and thermal analysis.

Find out more information about the facilities available at X-AT.

CALM equipment list

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MachineProcess typeMaterialsTypical applications
EOS P800 Powder bed / laser sintering High temperature polymers
Polyetherketone (PEK)
Medical implants, pumps, valves, automotive and space
EOS P100 Formiga Powder bed / laser sintering Polyamide 12
Reinforced or filled
Prototype parts for concept development and validation
DTM 2000 SinterStation Powder bed / laser sintering Polyamide 12  
3D Systems Projet HD 3000 3D printing Acrylate polymer Concept development and validation, moulding and casting patterns, high definition parts
Stratasys Dimension 768 Material deposition / extrusion Acrylonitrile butadiene stryrene (ABS) Prototype parts for fit and form analysis, concept validation
Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer Powder rheometry Polymer powders To characterise the rheology or flow properties of powders