Working together - CALM opening
We aim to make it as easy as possible for business to access our expertise
Working together - CALM Opening

The Centre engages with businesses of all sizes both directly through consulting and contract research, and as partners in research council funded projects. 

Working with business

Experienced in working in partnerships with companies, other universities and government agencies, the Centre offers consultancy on all aspects of ALM. It is particularly focussed on solving material issues in ALM, working together with research partners at the boundary edge of current knowledge. Understanding of the microstructure and the effect of processes on material characteristics is at the centre of materials and process development. Through knowledge exchange workshops and research, CALM is improving the use of existing materials and processes, and also developing new ALM polymeric materials and composites, including high temperature PAEK varieties and high performance composites incorporating carbon fillers, carbon and glass reinforcement as well as carbon nanotubes.

The team relishes the challenge of working on projects that stretch and deepen its knowledge of ALM for high value and high impact industrial applications, creating more functional and sustainable products and processes.

An ongoing focus of the Centre is materials research, which includes developing a deep understanding of the microscopic structures pre, during and post manufacture. Meanwhile, the Centre still continues to support a broad range of businesses with ALM, providing industrial training and consultancy advice that support its research activities.

CALM - a business technology centre

We follow a customer led approach to engaging with companies.  We have specialist knowledge of additive layer manufacturing and a wide range of general technology and engineering knowledge. We work with our business clients to determine if ALM can add value to their business and develop new ALM materials, processes and technologies. 

What we offer

We offer flexible commercial solutions to meet the requirements of the companies we work with, whether that be short term consulting work, contract research projects, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), jointly funded PhDs or collaborative research projects through grant funding. We have particular expertise in the development of grant proposals and management of these ongoing projects and will provide a fully managed service for the development and implementation of a suitable project. To see examples of some of the projects we are working on please visit our research page. 

Contact us

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and see how we can help:

Phone: +44 (0) 1392 725 831


You can find full details on how to find us on our contact page.