2018 CALM brochure

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About CALM

CALM is the centre of expertise in Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) at the University of Exeter, specialising in the use of high temperature and high performance polymers and composite materials for Additive Manufacturing. It is a leading research centre, working at multiple Technology Readiness Levels, on both fundamental and applied research. Our projects are funded through research councils (e.g. EPSRC), government organisations (e.g. Innovate UK and EU), or directly with industry partners through short and long term contract research. We aim to achieve maximum impact from our work and therefore collaborate with a wide range of organisations. 

CALM offers independent research and technical support, working with both academia and industry worldwide, to develop the next generation of materials for engineering and high temperature polymers and composites. 

With a background in material science and manufacturing, we are highly experienced in ALM materials research and development, from powder research, through to sintering and process investigation for part manufacture and analysis. 

CALM started life as a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funded project in collaboration with EADS UK – now Airbus Group Innovations Ltd. The University of Exeter was awarded funding for the centre from the European Regional Development Fund as a result of its excellent research and development work in the field of additive manufacturing and for its strong links with business, from large multi-nationals to SMEs.

With unique capabilities (CALM has the only commercially available high temperature laser sintering platform in the UK) and experience in high temperature polymers for laser sintering and extrusion deposition, commonly known as Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), the team continues to support businesses across the country within key high value manufacturing sectors, such as the aerospace, medical, defence and automotive industries.

Since its launch, CALM has supported more than 200 companies and has created regional growth of £20million through its additive layer manufacturing business support and has carried out numerous grant funded research projects. For more details of the types of projects we work on, visit our Research page.

Our vision is to generate greater value to a range of businesses, from small to large enterprises, nationally and internationally, through our expertise in additive manufacturing technologies

We aim to grow our unique knowledge of additive manufacturing through a range of world-class research projects that will benefit manufacturing across the UK.

Exeter Technologies Group

Exeter Technologies Group is an industry focussed research group within the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences (CEMPS). It consists of three separate centres (X-AT, CALM and CALMARE) that come together to provide materials research, expertise and testing capabilities, along with both novel and traditional manufacturing process techniques, to deliver solutions for industry.

With the three centres combined, the group can leverage the expertise within the different areas to deliver collaborative solutions. The skills and equipment available within the group provide a complete solution for materials research and development.