Mr Sam Hughes


My role at CSM as an associate lecturer (education and scholarship) includes teaching and supervision on a variety of our undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes including Mining Engineering, Surveying and Geology.

My main subject areas are within surveying and geological fieldwork.  I also provide project supervision for those with a SW England theme, and I am an academic tutor for undergraduate geology students.


I teach all undergraduate surveying courses at CSM, including the 1st Year Surveying and CAD module (CSM1028; module leader), the Summer Survey course and the Underground Surveying course.  I also teach Land Surveying (CSMM134) on the MSc Surveying and Land / Environmental Management (SLEM) programme.

All of my modules provide detailed learning resources including eLectures, and have a large practical component allowing students to fully engage with a variety of surveying equipment and skills.  I also organise an external setting out course for students and provide surveying short courses for other programmes in the University.

Geological Fieldwork

I contribute to more than 60% of the undergraduate geology fieldwork programme at CSM.  This is primarily part of the following modules:

  • CSM1036 Field Geology and Geological Maps
  • CSM2182 Structural Geology and Tectonics
  • CSM2183 Sedimentology
  • CSM2184 Geological Mapping Techniques
  • CSM2312 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Fieldwork within these modules include:

  • One day fieldclasses around Cornwall during the 1st and 2nd Year
  • Residential fieldclasses to Pembrokeshire, Devon and Dorset and the Isle of Rum / Isle of Skye
  • Historically, I have also been on the 3rd Year Cyprus residential fieldtrip (CSM3048) and helped on the 3rd Year geophysics course (CSM3151).

My main contributions are leading trips in SW England with a granite, mineralisation / mining or structural geology theme.  I also provide support during field-based training in data collection and geological mapping.  I am a qualified outdoor first aider and have a D1 (minibus) driving licence classification.