Photo of Mr Safaa  Al Ali

Mr Safaa Al Ali



I am a PhD researcher at Camborne School of Mines working on the project "Resource efficiency of some apatite-bearing deposits". My research is concentrating on the chemistry, mineralogy and mineral processing of rare earth minerals in phosphate deposits, particularly synchysite - hosts the Light Rare Earth Elements (LREE) and apatite - a potential host for the more valuable Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE) - and can also be used in fertiliser industry. It is considering two contrasting deposit types: igneous carbonatite deposits in Songwe Hill, Malawi and sedimentary phosphorite deposits in the Western Desert, Iraq as well as focusing on processing of the by-product "phosphogypsum".

I am sponsored by the Higher Committee of Education Development in Iraq (HCED) and mainly supervised by Frances wall (CSM) and Richard Pascoe (CSM) with secondary supervision from Will Dawes (Mkango). Also, the research is carried out in collaboration with Mkango Resources Ltd.