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  • Foucaud Y, Dehaine Q, Filippova I, Filippov L. (2018) Processing a complex W ore by pre-concentrating with a Falcon concentrator prior to flotation, IMPC 2018 - 29th International Mineral Processing Congress, pages 729-738.
  • Foucaud Y, Filippova I, Filippov L, Dehaine QTA. (2018) From the mineralogy to the processing of a complex tungsten skarn ore deposit (Tabuaço, Portugal), Process Mineralogy '18, Cape Town, 19th Nov - 21st Dec 2018.
  • Dehaine Q, Foucaud Y, Eswaraiah C, Kroll-Rabotin J-S, Filippov LO. (2018) Experimental investigation into the kinetics of the Falcon UF concentrator, XXIXth International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC), Moscow, Russia, 17th Sep - 21st Nov 2018, Proceedings of the XXIXth International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC).
  • Dehaine Q, Tijsseling L, Glass HJ. (2018) Smart Recovery of Cobalt as a By-Product of Primary Copper Extraction: Geometallurgical ore-type classification using FTIR spectroscopy, IOM3 Geometallurgy Conference, London, 19th - 20th Apr 2018. [PDF]




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