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Dr Laura Newsome


Current PhD students

  • Jody Grassby (2019-2023) Understanding how time-dependent changes in biogeochemistry, microbiology and mineralogy of mine waste can contribute to, or limit the impact of, environmental metal pollution

PhD theses

  • Agustín Solano Arguedas (2019) The geomicrobiology of iron, cobalt, nickel and manganese in lateritic tropical soils from the Santa Elena Peninsula, Costa Rica, University of Manchester (co-supervisor with Prof. Jon Lloyd)
  • Adrian Cleary (2018) Assessment of natural attenuation and targeted in-situ remediation of radioactively contaminated land, University of Manchester (co-supervisor with Prof. Kath Morris)

MSc theses

  • Verity Fitch (2019) A critical review of the contaminated land site, Wheal Maid and an investigation into the lack of oxidation occurring within pyrite rich tailings, University of Exeter
  • Yunyao Luo (2018) Identification and characterisation of cave manganese (II) oxidising microorganisms in the presence of lead, University of Manchester
  • Ruoyan Xu (2017) Cobalt extraction through bioprocessing of Co-bearing minerals, University of Manchester
  • Jinxin Xie (2017) The investigation of the effect of organic matter and microbial communities on microbially reducing conditions at the Sellafield site, University of Manchester
  • Haydn Haynes (2014) Geochemical cycling of uranium in clays, University of Manchester