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Miss Keziah Blake-Mizen




I am working with Dr. Ian Bailey (primary supervisor) and Prof. Stephen Hesselbo (secondary supervisor) in the Camborne School of Mines, characterising modern and Plio-Pleistocene iceberg calving sources from the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS). This will be achieved using a suite of radiometric dating and isotopic fingerprinting techniques (39Ar/40Ar and Pb-Pb isotopes respectively) on ice-rafted debris (IRD) from Greenland-proximal marine sediments, which identifies their origins in Greenland’s discreet geochemical terranes. A main aim of this work is to use geologic evidence to more accurately constrain the configuration and melt history of the GrIS during a past warmer-than-present climate state, adding confidence to model predictions for the future effects of climate change on the GrIS and associated sea-level rise.

   Academic and research interests

Palaeoclimate, palaeoenvironment, climate change, geochemistry.