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Dr Kathryn Moore

Senior Lecturer (Education & Research)


Telephone: 01326 255693

Office telephone: +44 (0)1326 255693

Kate took up the post of BGS Lecturer in Critical and Green Technology Metals in March 2012, as part of the Critical Metals Alliance between the British Geological Survey and the Camborne School of Mines. The purpose of the post is to drive research into the emerging issue of security of resource supply, particularly for the raw materials used in the low-carbon energy technologies.  Specifically, her research involves elucidating the geological concentration of the technology metals that may be subject to critically short supply. 

Her previous experimental work examines the range of magma compositions that can be generated by melting of a carbonated mantle, which provides a means to assist petrological understanding of the highly economic clan of carbonatite-related rocks that are sampled at the Earth surface. Her work on magma mingling and mixing of carbonated magmas challenges the perception that carbonatites are inherently immiscible with silicate magmas, and provides a new perspective with which to approach carbonatite petrogenesis. Recent PhD supervision includes projects on the role of carbonate in diatremic magmatism, magma-sediment-water interaction and associated mineralization, fluid-carbonatite interaction and geochemical and numerical modeling of carbonate-silicate magma mingling.

An additional academic interest in prehistoric resources, landscapes and environmental change has arisen from research into the exploitation of metals that were critical to Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures. Research areas include geoarchaeological landscape assessment techniques and geological interpretation of geomythology and place name information.  Kate has also previously been engaged in historical research associated with management of a conservation project for a historic birchbark canoe (2002-2012, James Mitchell Geology Museum, NUIG).

Qualifications and Affiliations

Diploma in Archaeology, National University of Ireland Galway 2006
PhD ‘Melting of a Carbonated Mantle’, University of Bristol 1999
B.Sc. (Hons.) Geology, University of Edinburgh 1994

Member of The Mineralogical Society
Member of the Irish Association of Economic Geology
Member of the Irish Geological Association

Professional History

Lecturer in Geology, National University of Ireland Galway 1999-2012
Part-time lecturer in Geology, University of Bristol 1997-1998
Air Quality Monitoring Officer, DFID (Montserrat Volcano Observatory) 1998

External appointments: 2003-2005, Adjunct Associate Professor, Boston University.


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