Photo of Dr John Morton

Dr John Morton

Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering/Hydrogeology


Dr. John Morton is based at the Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter. He was previously a Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia and is a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers UK.

John completed his undergraduate civil engineering degree (BA, BAI, 2008) at Trinity College Dublin and post-graduate degree (PhD, 2015) at the University of Western Australia before being appointed to a Research Fellowship at the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, University of Western Australia.

John's research focusses on the mechanics of fine-grained material and site characterisation primarily for the offshore and mining industries. He has led experimental and full scale studies that have been used to understand the behaviour of full-flow penetrometers, anchors and novel site investigation tools. He was PI on the UWA collaboration ‘Innovating offshore anchoring design to survive extreme sea state’ that utilised Zhejiang University’s research platform in the East China Sea and was Fieldwork Leader on a number of research projects including the FP7 wave energy project, ‘GeoWAVE’ carried out in the EMEC Test Site, Scotland and on the Joint Industry Project, ‘RIGSS’ in Australia.

John is a proactive faculty member, engaged in a range of university teaching programmes. These comprise developing curriculum for geotechnical and hydrogeology modules, teaching various engineering subjects, supervising research students and organising research events to showcase research and attract talented students.

The outcomes from his research have been disseminated through > 10 publications and he has been awarded the C. A Hogentogler Award on soil and rock research.