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Platinum-group elements (PGE) are some of the rarest and most valuable metals on Earth, used in a quarter of all manufactured goods worldwide according to the International Platinum Group Metals Association. My PhD project investigates the PGE signatures of mantle plumes around the world, using a combination of geochemistry and isotope analyses to uncover the role mantle processes play in magma metal budgets. Plumes, upwellings of hot material from inside the Earth not strictly related to plate tectonics, can interact with two main PGE reservoirs - the core and the sub-continental lithospheric mantle (SCLM). If plumes can incorporate even small amounts of these reservoirs into melts they induce at the lithosphere, the PGE contents of their resultant magmatic deposits are expected to be significantly enriched. 

Throughout my project, I will be comparing the geochemistry of plume-derived lavas from Paraná, Etendeka, Hawaii, Iceland, the Canary Islands and Ontong-Java to determine if plumes have similar PGE signatures and what causes any variability if they differ. I aim to test two major hypothesis in my research - 

     1) Deep mantle plumes (originating near the core) will be more enriched in PGE than shallow mantle plumes.

     2) Plumes close to or within the continental crust/SCLM will have different PGE ratios than plumes within the oceanic crust.

Information obtained from geochemical and Os, He and W isotopic data will allow me to contrast and compare the plumes I study (and others using published datasets) to qualitatively assess what makes a "good" plume for mineralisation potential.



Hannah Hughes (CSM, University of Exeter)

Jens Andersen (CSM, University of Exeter)

Iain McDonald (Cardiff University)



  • Igneous Petrology
  • Geochemistry
  • Mineral deposit geology
  • Mantle and Core studies
  • Isotope studies (primarily Os, W, S, He)
  • Machine learning for geochemical data



  • BSc Earth Science, 2009-2013 (University of Glasgow)
  • MSc Mining Geology, 2016-2017 (University of Exeter)
  • PhD Geology, 2017-present (University of Exeter)



  • JW Gregory Prize and Joseph Black Medal for outstanding end-of-year performance in undergraduate Earth Science programmes 1st and 2nd Year (University of Glasgow)
  • Sir Alwyn Williams Prize for the top 5 student performances in the 3rd Year Earth Science programme (University of Glasgow)
  • Betics Prize for best field notebook work during residential geological fieldtrip to southern Spain (University of Glasgow)
  • Best Student Poster at the 13th International Platinum Symposium, South Africa 2018 for work on my MSc thesis
  • Winner of SW Heat Semi-Finals of the Geological Society's Early Career Geoscientist Evening 2019 for presentation on the PGE signature of the Tristan plume


  • Society of Economic Geologists
  • The Geological Society of London
  • Mineral Deposits Study Group

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