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Prof Jens C. Andersen


Current PhD students

Jordan Lindsay: Metallogenic controls of magmatic plumes on platinum group elements and precious metals.

Callum Scott:  Development of exploration tools for porphyry-breccia-hosted mineral deposits.

Hazerina Pungut:  Significance of magmatic fluids for the economic concentration of In and Ga.

Victoria Honour (Cambridge University): Late stage magmatic liquids and ores.

William Smith (Cardiff University):  Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Prospectivity in the Labrador Trough, Northern Quebec, Canada.

Current research fellows

Violeta Ramos: Mineralogical and microstructural changes in environmentally friendly concrete in the marine environment. Research fellow on the MARINEFF project.  

Past PhD students

2018    Peter Frost. High Palaeolatitude Record of Late Maastrichtian - Early Danian Climate Change, Seymour Island, Antarctica.

2017    Muhammad Sajid. Granitic Rocks and Basic Dykes from the Northern Indian Plate in North-Western Pakistan.

2016    Bethany Simons. Critical metals for the renewable energy industries: Resource potentials in Cornwall.

2016    Ryan Langdon. Structural controls of gold deposits in Eastern Liberia. 

2016    Sarita McVicar-Wright. Heavy mineral assemblages in Permian red-bed sediments of Devon.

2016    Sam Broom-Fendley. Targetting mid and heavy rare earth elements in carbonatite complexes.

2010    Morgan Poliquin. Geology, geochemistry and age of intrusion-related mineralisation in eastern Mexico.

2006    Christopher Hutton. Modelling the biogeochemical mobility of arsenic: A case study at Roseworthy, Cornwall, UK. 

2004    Sarah-Jane Prout. Petrology, geochemistry and mineralisation of the Ben Buie intrusion, Isle of Mull; and a brief survey of mineralisation in the peridotite series, Cuillin complex, Skye.

Past research fellows 

2018 – 2018    Liene Spruzeniece. EU FAME project.

2015 – 2017    Bethany Simons. EU FAME project.

2013 – 2015    Terrie Sawyer. EU RECIF project.

2009 – 2015    Eleanor Van Veen. EU SETARMS and EU RECIF projects.