Dr Ian Bailey

Research students

Current PhD students:

Rebecca Parker (started Sept, 2017): Glacial ocean circulation and the last great tipping point in Earth's plaaeoclimate history (based Exeter, Penryn Campus)

Keziah Blake-Mizen (started Sept. 2014): Reconstructing iceberg calving locations and spatial extent of the Greenland Ice Sheet during the modern and Plio-Pleistocene (based Exeter, Penryn Campus).

Gabriella Jardine (started Sept. 2014): A dust bowl future and a warm wet past? Palaeoclimatology of the warm Pliocene to glacial Pleistocene transition on North America recorded in marine sediments of the equatorial Pacific Ocean (based University of Southampton).

Anieke Brombacher (completed 2017): Disentangling synergistic climate drivers in planktic evolution (based University of Southampton).

David Lang (completed 2015): Intensification of northern hemisphere glaciation, ice rafting, sea ice formation and ventilation in the Plio-Pleistocene North Atlantic Ocean (based University of Southampton).

Clara T. Bolton (completed 2010): Orbital and sub-orbital scale climate variability during the Pliocene intensification of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation (based University of Southampton).