Photo of Dr Holly Elliott

Dr Holly Elliott

Research Fellow


I am currently employed at the Camborne School of Mines (CSM) as a post doc Research Fellow, working on the EU funded HiTech AlkCarb project led by Prof Frances Wall (CSM). My main role within this project is the research of fenites associated with carbonatites, alkali provinces and REE deposits. This project involves both academic and industrial partners, a list of which can be found here.

Prior to this, I was undertaking a PhD (completed July 2015) investigating the apparent relationship between diatremes at Limerick (SW Ireland) and associated irish-type Pb-Zn mineralisation deposits. This project was based at the University of Southampton, supervised by Dr Tom Gernon and Prof Steve Roberts. This research was undertaken in collaboration with Teck Ireland Ltd and was part funded by themselves and NERC.


Research Interests: Volcanic-related mineralisation; Physical volcanological processes; Diatreme emplacement mechanisms; Behaviour of pyroclastic material; Bubble nucleation

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss any of my current or previous research.



CSM2312: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology



  • Gernon, T. M., Upton, B. G. J., Ugra, R., Yücel, C., Taylor, R. N. and Elliott, H. (2016) Complex subvolcanic magma plumbing system of an alkali basaltic maar-diatreme volcano (Elie Ness, Fife, Scotland). Lithos 264, 70-85. doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2016.08.001
  • Elliott, H. A. L., Gernon, T. M., Roberts, S. and Hewson, C. (2015), 'Basaltic maar-diatreme volcanism in the Lower Carboniferous of the Limerick Basin (SW Ireland)', Bulletin of Volcanology 77, 37-59. doi: 10.1007/s00445-015-0922-2
  • Elliott, H. A. L., Wall, F., Chakmouradian, A. R., Siegfried, P. R., Dahlgren, S., Weatherley, S., Finch, A. A., Marks, M. A. W., Dowman, E. and Deady, E. (2018), 'Fenites associated with carbonatite complexes: A review', Ore Geology Reviews 93, 38-59. doi:
  • Elliott, H. A. L., Roberts, S., Gernon, T. M., Boyce, A., and Hewson, C. 'A role for diatremes in formation of Pb-Zn mineralisation of the Limerick District of the Irish Orefield: The sulphur isotope evidence' - In Progress


Conference Proceedings:

  • MDSG 2012 (Poster): 'Are diatremes ore forming or ore destroying?'
  • VMSG 2013 (Oral): 'Diatreme volcanism facilitating Pb-Zn mineralisation in the Irish Orefield?' Bob Hunter Prize
  • AGU 2013 (Poster): 'Facilitation of Pb-Zn mineralisation by diatremes in the Irish Orefield?'
  • MDSG 2014 (Oral): 'Diatreme volcanism and Pb-Zn mineralisation in the Limerick District of the Irish Orefield?' Rio Tinto Prize
  • Fermor 2017 (Oral): 'Fenite as an exploration indicator for rare earth and niobium mineralisation, and their importance within the magmatic story'


  • 2014: Awarded MDSG Rio Tinto Best Talk Prize
  • 2013: Awarded VMSG Bob Hunter Prize for best talk
  • Successful NERC grant for sulphur isotope analysis