Photo of Dr Aleksandra Zawalna-Geer

Dr Aleksandra Zawalna-Geer

Research Fellow


I joined the University of Exeter in July 2017 as a Project Administrator at the Renewable Energy Group supporting Prof. Lars Johanning, Professor of Ocean Technology.


Since January 2018 I have been working as a NERC funded Daphne Jackson Fellow on a project subjected in a geochemical and petrological classification of magma storage and dynamics at Sakurajima volcano, Japan. 


I have experience in geophysical identification/classification of lacustrine deposits from my MA project at the University of Szczecin, Poland.


I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand in tephrochronological research. My project involved geochemical and stratigraphic study of macroscopic and cryptic volcanic ash horizons (rhyolitic, andesitic and basaltic) preserved in lacustrine sediments of phreatomagmatic maars, a correlation of basaltic macrotephras to their volcanic sources within the Auckland Volcanic Field and the assessment of volcanic hazards in the Auckland region. My project was funded by the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship and DEVORA


Prior to my Daphne Jackson Fellowship I worked for ERCL, A Getech group company, UK where I was retrained to be a Petroleum Geochemist and Basin Modeller. I contributed to the evaluation of petroleum systems for Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Sao Tome and Principe.