All Staff

Here we feature profiles of all staff members from Camborne School of Mines. Please refer to the Professional Services staff list for College-wide support staff.

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Academic and research staff

Dr Jens Andersen Senior Lecturer, Director of Research for CSM
Dr Steven Andrews Lecturer in Geology
Dr Ian Bailey Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Geology Programme Director
Mike Bedford Senior Research Fellow
Aoife Blight Graduate Research Assistant
Dr Kara Bogus Project Administrator - JET
Rachel Bransgrove Early Career Researcher
Dr Sam Broom-Fendley Research Fellow
Professor John Coggan Associate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering
Dr Rich Crane Lecturer in Sustainable Mining
Dr Quentin Dehaine PostDoctoral Research Associate
Dr David Dew Post doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Penda Diallo Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Holly Elliott Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Eyre Lecturer in Mining Engineering Intelligent Mining
Dr Carmen Falagan Rodriguez Research Fellow
Ian Faulks Senior Research Fellow
Dana Finch Project Manager
Dr Robert Fitzpatrick Lecturer in Minerals Processing
Dr Viviana Fonti Research Fellow
Professor Patrick Foster Associate Prof in Mine Safety, Director Education
Dr David Gibson Senior Research Fellow
Professor Hylke J Glass Rio Tinto Professor of Mining and Minerals Engineering
Aveen Hameed Associate Lecturer in Mining and Geological Education
Professor Stephen Hesselbo CSM Director of Research and Professor of Geology
Dr James Hickey Lecturer in Geophysics
Kathy Hicks Research Fellow
Stuart Howie Graduate Research Assistant
Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards Professor in Sustainable Mining
Dr Sam Hughes Lecturer in Geology and Surveying / Deputy Director of Education
Dr Hannah Hughes Lecturer in Exploration and Mining Geology
Bill Jeffery IMP@CT Research Technician
Professor Kip Jeffrey Head of Camborne School of Mines
Dr Diane Johnson Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Sev Kender Senior Lecturer in Geology
Dr Kate Littler Senior Lecturer (Education and Research) in Geology
Dr Lewis Meyer Senior Lecturer in Mining Engineering
Dr Kathryn Moore Senior Lecturer in Critical and Green Technology Metals
Dr Saeid Moradi Research Fellow
Kim Moreton Associate Lecturer
Dr John Morton Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering/Hydrogeology
Dr Laura Newsome Lecturer in Applied Geomicrobiology
Luke Palmer Associate Research Fellow
Dr Robin Shail Senior Lecturer in Geology and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
Katie Shanks Research Associate
Dr Kate Taylor Smith Project Manager
Naomi Smith Graduate Research Assistant
Dr Liene Spruzeniece Post doctoral Research Fellow
Benedikt Steiner Lecturer and MSc Programme Director in Exploration and Mining Geology
Alexandra Sweeney Graduate Research Assistant
Matthew Tonkins Post doctoral Research Associate
Dr Clemens Vinzenz Ullmann Research Fellow
Dr Declan Vogt Lecturer - Robotic and Automated Mining
Professor Frances Wall Professor of Applied Mineralogy
Dr Andrew Wetherelt Programme Director and Senior Lecturer for BEng/MEng Mining Engineering
Paul Wheeler Programme Director for MSc Mining Engineering; MSc Applied Geotechnics and MSc Geotechnical Engineering. Senior Lecturer in Mining
Adam Whitbread Graduate Research Assistant
Professor Ben Williamson Associate Professor in Applied Mineralogy
Neill Wood V.R., A.R.S.M., F.H.E.A. Programme Director for MSc Surveying and Land/Environmental Management
Dr Weiguo Xie Senior Lecturer in Mineral Processing
Chris Yeomans Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Aleksandra Zawalna-Geer Research Fellow


Rakan Abdulwahed Postgraduate
Herman Aguirre Jofre Postgraduate
Godfred Asabagna
Abraham Audu Postgraduate
James Barnet Postgraduate
Charlotte Beasley Postgraduate
Keziah Blake-Mizen Postgraduate
Lawrence Carter Postgraduate
Ricardo Celestino Postgraduate
Chris Dalby Postgraduate
Graham Davey Postgraduate
Eimear Deady Postgraduate
Keiran Doyle Postgraduate
Jane Gallwey Postgraduate
Thomas Gibson Postgraduate
Tim Harrison Postgraduate
Matthew Head Postgraduate
Patrick Hegarty Postgraduate
Alexander Hudson Postgraduate
Dr Sam Hughes Lecturer in Geology and Surveying / Deputy Director of Education
Mengjie Jiang Postgraduate
Dora Kavecsanszki Postgraduate
Ian Kirby Postgraduate
Jordan James Lindsay Postgraduate
Zhihai Luo Postgraduate
Erica Mariani Postgraduate
Dylan McFarlane Associate
Azubuike Agbai Okoroafor Postgraduate
Peter Pang Postgraduate
Rebecca Parker Postgraduate
Paulina Pazik Postgraduate
Robert Pell Postgraduate
Robyn Pointer Postgraduate
Hazerina Binti Pungut Postgraduate
Carlo Robiati Postgraduate
Tomasa Sbaffi Postgraduate
Callum Scott Postgraduate
Peter Siegfried Postgraduate
Rezki Syahrir Postgraduate
Dominika Szucs Postgraduate
Laurens Tijsseling MbyRes Student
Siti Zaniza Tohar Postgraduate
Matthew Tonkins Postgraduate
Chloe Walker-Trivett Postgraduate Researcher
Jack Wilkin Postgraduate Researcher
Fei Zhang Postgraduate
Gabriel Ziwa

Honorary staff

Dr David Dew Honorary University Fellow
Caroline Digby Honorary University Fellow
Dr Simon Dominy Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Emma Dowman Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Richard Herrington Honorary Visiting Professor
Dr Charlie Moon Honorary Senior research Fellow
Dr Christopher Page Senior Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Carlos Petter Visitor
Professor Robert Pine Emeritus Professor of Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Peter Scott Professor Emeritus of Industrial Geology
Professor Douglas Stead Honorary Visiting Professor

Professional services staff

Calum Beeson Senior Geology Technician
Alicia Bird Curriculum Support Officer
Catherine Bissett Senior College Services Administrator (EMPS Penryn)
Bill Jeffery IMP@CT Research Technician
Christopher Kitchen CSM Association General Manager (Associate)
Stephen Pendray Senior Geology Technician
Dr Joe Pickles Electron Microprobe Specialist
Christian Rayner CSM Development Manager
Dr Gavyn Rollinson Experimental Officer (Facility Manager) CIMF
Malcolm Spence XRF & XRD Technician
Rebecca Takeda-Frost Employment Services Officer / Student Experience & Employability Officer (College of Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences)
Sharon Uren Senior Analytical Technician
Dr Aleksandra Zawalna-Geer Research Fellow