The JOIDES Resolution drillship during portcall

PhD Opportunities

Updated October 2016


* New NERC GW4+ DTP projects in the DTGC group are now open to applications. Deadline 6th January 2017 **


Please email the designated contact person for each project directly.


1. Coupling of late Pliocene Indian monsoon variability and global climate: new data from IODP Expedition 353

Supervisors: Dr Kate Littler (University of Exeter), Dr Ian Bailey (University of Exeter), Prof Melanie Leng (British Geological Survey), Dr Pallavi Anand (Open University), Dr Marci Robinson (United States Geological Survey). CASE project with BGS.



2. Phosphate in belemnite fossils: A new palaeo-nutrient proxy?

Supervisors: Prof Stephen Hesselbo (University of Exeter), Dr Clemens Ullmann (University of Exeter), Dr James Riding (British Geological Survey), Prof Rob Newton (University of Leeds). CASE project with BGS.



NERC GW4+ DTP projects joint with DTGC staff

1. Developing novel proxies of historical fishing effort and climate change based on fish-derived carbonates

Supervisors: Dr Rod W. Wilson (University of Exeter); Prof Chris Perry (University of Exeter), Dr Kate Littler (University of Exeter), Dr Fiona Whitaker (University of Bristol), Dr Silvana Birchenough (Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquatic Science), Dr Kaustubh Thirumalai (University of Texas, Austin, USA).



2. The boron isotope pH proxy in novel geological archives

Supervisors: Prof Caroline Lear (University of Cardiff), Dr Clemens Ullmann (University of Exeter), Prof Stephen Barker (Cardiff University), Dr Lesley Cherns (Cardiff University)