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  • Hakanen J, Chugh T, Sindhya K, Jin Y, Miettinen K, IEEE. (2016) Connections of Reference Vectors and Different Types of Preference Information in Interactive Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms, PROCEEDINGS OF 2016 IEEE SYMPOSIUM SERIES ON COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE (SSCI). [PDF]


  • Chugh T, Sindhya K, Hakanen J, Miettinen K, Jin Y. (2015) A surrogate assisted inverse model based evolutionary multiobjective optimization algorithm for computationally expensive problems, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (2015), Hamburg, Germany, 2nd - 7th Aug 2015.
  • Chugh T. (2015) An Interactive Simple Indicator-Based Evolutionary Algorithm (I-SIBEA) for Multiobjective Optimization Problems. [PDF]
  • Chugh T, Sindhya K, Hakanen J, Miettinen K. (2015) Handling Computationally Expensive Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Evolutionary Algorithms: A Survey.
  • Chugh T, Sindhya K, Hakanen J, Miettinen K. (2015) An Interactive Simple Indicator-Based Evolutionary Algorithm (I-SIBEA) for Multiobjective Optimization Problems, EVOLUTIONARY MULTI-CRITERION OPTIMIZATION, PT I, volume 9018, pages 277-291, DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-15934-8_19. [PDF]


  • Chugh T. (2014) Handling computationally expensive multi-objective optimization problems using evolutionary algorithms: A survey, n International conference for Mathematical Modeling and Optimization in Mechanics (MMOM) 2014, Jyvaskyla, Finland, 6th - 7th Mar 2014.
  • Mogilicharla A, Chugh T, Majumdar S, Mitra K. (2014) Multi-Objective Optimization of Bulk Vinyl Acetate Polymerization with Branching, MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, volume 29, no. 2, pages 210-217, DOI:10.1080/10426914.2013.872271. [PDF]


  • M. A, Chugh T, Mitra K, Majumdar S. (2013) Effect of live radical species in controlled branching of bulk free radical polymerization system: A multi objective evolutionary approach, International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering (ACE 2013), Roorkee, India, 22nd - 24th Feb 2013.


  • Chugh T, M. A, Mitra K, Majumdar S. (2012) Optimal process conditions for the controlled branching of free radical polymerization: A case study, Chemcon 2012, Jalandhar, India, 27th - 30th Dec 2012.

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