Photo of Mr Huthaifa Abuhammad

Mr Huthaifa Abuhammad

PhD student


Telephone: 01392 724507 or 01392 724521

Extension: (Streatham) 4507 or (Streatham) 4521

Huthaifa graduated with a degree in Computer information systems from Mutah University in 2007-Jordan, and a Master in Computer science from Amman Arab University-Jordan in 2012. He has been working as a computer teacher at the Jordanian ministry of education for six years between 2008 and 2014; then he moved to the United Kingdom to study a PhD in computer science at the University of Exeter.

Research interests and current project

The main areas of research are in machine learning, statistical pattern recognition, computer vision and image processing. Particular current interests during PhD is in real facial expression recognition and Human-computer interaction, and he is working with  Professor Richard Everson as the first supervisor and the  second supervisor Dr Jacqueline Christmas